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Since first opening our doors in 1956 as a small stenographer service in Mission, Kansas, we’ve built our business on helping yours run smoothly. Now, with over one million call transactions annually and a state-of-art call center designed to keep up with the pace of modern business, the only thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to meeting the distinct needs of each client. Our growth has come by word of mouth and our excellent record of service, which has taught us a thing or two about the value of customer relationships. That’s why each of our employees is carefully trained to ensure you and your customers receive top-notch service. We’ll work with you to pin down your business’s unique communication needs, whether you want to free up your staff for other tasks while your calls are routed seamlessly, or bring some organization into your messaging system. With over forty years in the business, it’s easy to see why AnswerPro is such a trusted name. So, what can we do for your business?

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The first generation telephone answering equipment with the 1st and 2nd generation owners.


Our annual Team Appreciation BBQ is always fun with employees, friends, and customers.


The Call Center in the early 1980s.


Our staff transitioned into the 21st century!