The services you need, and nothing you don’t. AnswerPro_Speach-Bubble-3

No two businesses have exactly the same needs. So why settle for a one-size-fits-all communications solution? We offer a variety of services for every kind of firm, from a branch of a local bank to major public utilities. Whatever your needs, we’ll deliver the perfect package. Tailor made.


Get vital information to, and from, your customers, even after hours.


When taking a voice mail isn’t enough, consider our expanded messaging service.  Would you like to receive alerts on a cell phone when your business gets a message after hours? How about a personalized sales bulletin to play while your customers are on hold? With so many options, it’s easy to make the most of your messaging system.


If you need to receive information from customers after hours, but don’t have anyone in the office to get the message to you, our text messaging service is the missing link. Get the information you need without giving out your personal number, at minimal cost for an unlimited number of calls.


We can notarize your legal documents with a Kansas Seal at our locations in Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami, or Leavenworth Counties of Kansas.


Our virtual receptionist service lets you bring down employee overhead while boosting your efficiency and customer service. Our system is so professional and seamless, we can direct your calls and handle messages, all without your customers ever guessing we’re off site. Let us handle your overflow during a busy season, or all your calls year round.



We’ve built our business by getting to know each customer and what their business really needs. Here are just a few of the industries we serve:

 Commercial Continuity

Banks and fuel delivery services

  Disaster and Crisis Centers

Such as the Red Cross and Search & Rescue leagues

   Environmental Services

Agencies and Contamination & Cleanup services

  Industrial Operations

Chemical plants, gas distribution companies, and pipeline operations


Clinics, private ambulance services, hospices, burn centers, funeral homes, and physicians

  Miscellaneous Services

Animal control, ASPCA, and veterinary services

  Professional Services

Electricians, Law offices and plumbers

  Public Safety

Law enforcement, volunteer fire departments, emergency auto removal, and FBI field offices

  Public Utilities

Electrical, natural gas, propane delivery and water